Our IT specialists ensure a full understanding of customers requirements and compliance to IT specifications.

The Interpon IT MasterSpecs have been developed to meet with the most stringent demands of the industry. The final specification represents a collection of the most challenging tests extracted from the specifications of a number of the world’s leading IT OEM’s.

Based mainly on Notebook specifications, where performance requirements are highest, the Interpon IT MasterSpec sets a very high standard for the industry.

All our products comply with:

  • A selection of industry recommended performance tests – mainly ASTM
  • Additional tests as highlighted by leading industry OEM’s
  • A selection of the most demanding tests as defined by leading industry OEM
  • Both indoor and outdoor testing specified.

Test name

Test method

AN Specification

Rating system/Range (Good to Bad)

Mechanical Tests

Normal Abrasion ASTM F2357 150 cycles No visual wear through to substrate or other paint layer
Taber Abrasion ASTM D4060 100 mg loss max. Weight loss of panel after 1000cycles with 1000g weight CS-10 wheel
Adhesion ASTM D3359 1mm squares 5B
Pencil hardness ASTM D3363 F-H No scratches visible under 5x magnification.
Direct impact ASTM D2794 min. 20kg.cm with 16mm ball dia No visible damage to film
Mandrel bend ASTM D522 1/4 inch mandrel No visible damage to film

Other Tests

Chemical sensitivity ASTM D1308 Banana Boat Sunscreen – SPF30, Ivory Dish Soap, Fantastik Cleaner, French’s Yellow Mustard, 70% Isopropyl alcohol, Olive Oil, Vaseline Intensive Care, Heinz Ketchup, Mayonnaise Kraft, 409, Windex with Ammonia, Acetone.Hydrochloric acid 0.1N, lemon juice, artificial persperation, coffee, dish soap (ex ivory liquid), tap water, ‘snap’ anti-static cleaner, saturate cleaner (spic n span), household ammonia solution, yellow, ‘superiter’ bue felt pen, corn oil,  24(72 – strife) Hours No visible change
Water resistance ASTM D2247 500 hours No visible change
Practical washability ASTM D4828 100 cycles (with 1. DI water,2. 2.5% Ethanol, 3. 1.84% Sodium Hypochlorite No visible change
Solvent resistance ASTM D4752 20 MEK double rubs Pass grade 4
Thermal Shock test AN internal spec. No.  ITTS001 50 cycles No visible change
Resistance to overbaking ASTM D2454 a) same temperature, double  the time b) 20 deg C higher temperature same time No significant change in appearance and performance