From cruise ships and riverboats to Indian reservations, race tracks, conference centers and the more traditional casinos, there are now thousands of different games of chance devices. You can find everything from traditional slot machines; pull the lever or hit the plunger and watch the wheels spin or ball bounce; to sophisticated video devices that, with the swipe of a card, visually and sonically put a player into a 3D game of chance.

All of these devices have two things in common (beyond the goal of attracting and briefly entertaining a user with hopes of untold fortune): they must have an attractive, striking and durable finish; and they are regularly upgraded or replaced. This is a segment tailor made for our Interpon IT powder coatings. We know coatings, we know color and we know durability and protection and we combine all these characteristics and more into our Interpon IT range. High quality, environmentally friendly coatings designed to look good and perform to a very high standard.