Treadmill-300-x-300As part of the RTS (Ready to Ship) assortment, the Wrinkle Finish powder range offers powder coatings in both weatherable and non-weatherable chemistries. These finishes offer a unique wrinkle finish pattern that is designed to serve for decorative as well as functional purposes in a varied assortment of colors. They work over a wide film thickness range and possess outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties. Interpon Wrinkle Finishes are ideal for applications such as sports and recreation equipment, furniture, hand and power tools, hardware, fixtures, toolboxes, safety equipment, appliances, wire goods, automotive underbody/underhood, cabinetry and metal shelving applications.

Our 2 Powder Coating Series Wrinkle Finishes (RTS)

Interpon 100

Interpon 100 is a series of epoxy based powder coatings designed to give optimum mechanical performance and exceptional protective qualities on fabrications and components where long term exposure to ultra violet light or exterior weathering is not anticipated.

Interpon 200

Interpon 200 is a series of polyurethane-based powder coatings designed for the exterior environment offering excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility properties.