Our Nylon powder coatings are melt-mixed type 11 polyamide. These nylon coatings have excellent abrasion/wear resistance, good chemical and solvent resistance, first class exterior durability, a low coefficient of friction, and excellent machinability. Typical applications for Nylon powder coatings include automotive clips and wear surfaces, office and institutional furniture, industrial piping and fittings, food processing and handling equipment, marine hardware, and shopping carts. Products offered in this series are designed for fluid bed and spray applications.

Some products require the use of a primer to ensure long-term adhesion. Please consult with your AkzoNobel Technical Representative to ensure that the selected product is suitable for your end-use application.

A select number of our Nylon products are offered within the RTS (Ready to Ship) assortment.

Our 1 Powder Coating Series Nylons (RTS)