AkzoNobel Powder Coatings offers several choices when you are considering the use of a powder primer – anywhere where additional corrosion protection is required. Interpon Primers can be used for both liquid and powder top coat and for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. When using these products as a primer, the coated part should only remain in the oven for the amount of time necessary for the coating to melt and flow into a continuous film. The mass of the substrate will affect the time required for the powder to flow.

A select number of these products are offered within the RTS (Ready to Ship) assortment.

Our 2 Powder Coating Series Interpon Primers (RTS)

Interpon 100

Interpon 100 is a series of epoxy based powder coatings designed to give optimum mechanical performance and exceptional protective qualities on fabrications and components where long term exposure to ultra violet light or exterior weathering is not anticipated.

Interpon 700

Interpon 700 is a series of polyester epoxy hybrid powder coatings offering improved color, UV-light and heat stability while maintaining an optimum combination of decorative and protective qualities.