Interpon Automotive

Our Interpon A line of Automotive Powder Coatings is the world’s most recognized line of OEM approved powder coatings.  A select number of these products are offered within the RTS (Ready to Ship) assortment.

The Interpon A range combines superior performance properties with leading edge appearance and effects to make these the Class A choice for wheels, springs, exterior trim, underbody and body shell applications. Interpon A products are engineered for application efficiency, and our technical support and services ensure our customer’s needs come first. AkzoNobel’s commitment to automotive coatings innovation and environmental responsibility makes Interpon A the right choice for automotive customers around the world.

Our 5 Powder Coating Series Automotive (RTS)

Interpon 200

Interpon 200 is a series of polyurethane-based powder coatings designed for the exterior environment offering excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility properties.

Interpon 610

Interpon 610 is a series of polyester based powder coatings, formulated without TGIC, designed for the exterior environment, offering excellent light and weather resistance from a single coat finish on a variety of substrates.

Interpon A1000 - Underhood / Underbody

A strong chassis. Resilient underhood and engine components. Interpon A1000 is specifically designed to meet the extreme demands these car parts must endure.

Interpon A4000

Aluminum wheels take a lot of abuse. Interpon A4000 is a range of high quality powder coatings which protect, enhance and decorate these items.