General IndustrialThe lighting market consists of two distinct areas, each with different coating performance requirements.

The Exterior Lighting market requires, in some cases, corrosion protection of the metal substrate as well as a selection of coatings which can be combined with building and infrastructure design to enhance an urban environment. We also have heat resistant products for components of flood and stadium lighting which, in the case of reflectors, maintain a high light reflectance level.

The Interior Lighting market focuses on the aesthetic finishes required by domestic and “designer” commercial lighting solutions. In most cases the corrosion and exterior durability requirement is not critical. Optimum efficiency is a key requirement here, especially in the commercial interior lighting market. Our products meet this need both in terms of coating technology and application characteristics.

Our 4 Powder Coating Series Lighting

Interpon 100

Interpon 100 is a series of epoxy based powder coatings designed to give optimum mechanical performance and exceptional protective qualities on fabrications and components where long term exposure to ultra violet light or exterior weathering is not anticipated.

Interpon 200

Interpon 200 is a series of polyurethane-based powder coatings designed for the exterior environment offering excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility properties.

Interpon 600

Interpon 600 is a series of polyester based powder coatings designed for the exterior environment, offering excellent light and weather resistance from a single coat finish on a variety of substrates.

Interpon 700

Interpon 700 is a series of polyester epoxy hybrid powder coatings offering improved color, UV-light and heat stability while maintaining an optimum combination of decorative and protective qualities.