Our Resicoat R4 range of high quality thermosetting epoxy powder coating protects above and below ground iron or steel valves and fittings from corrosion. The coating can be applied by electrostatic spraying or fluidised bed. Resicoat R4 is a hot applied system. This results in good overall properties of the coated part such as high film thickness, good impact resistance, high adhesion, non porosity and good CD properties. Add to this the fact that Resicoat R4 has numerous worldwide drinking water approvals and you are looking at a hygienic and environmentally friendly coating solution. For UV protection Resicoat R4 can be overcoated with polyester powder.

Resicoat R4 also meets the highest national and international standards. We are a founding member of the GSK Quality Association for the Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection of Powder Coated Valves and Fittings in Europe. So we actively pursue and maintain the highest manufacturing quality of coatings used in the water industry.

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