The Resicoat EL series consists of epoxy powder coatings for the insulation of lamination stacks used in small motors, for metal bars used in electrical distribution systems, and for electronic components (like capacitors, varistors, condensers and for magnetic cores).

We are a leader in this area, developing one of the first epoxy coatings in the 1960s.

Tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Resicoat EL powders are available for the insulation of busbars and electronic components according to e. g. UL 94 (V-0), UL 746. Depending on the product, laser markable Resicoat powders are also available.

Resicoat EL meets IEC 455 as the main insulation for rotors, stators and transformers in their electrical insulation. Resicoat EL is rated class F (155° C) and class H (180° C) according UL 1446.

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