Interpon A2000 - Exterior and Interior Trim


Interpon A2000 Exterior Trim is a series of performance engineered powder coatings designed for the highest automotive OEM standards for exterior coatings.  They are available in a range of colors and glosses including durable metallic monocoats and are ideal for applications where a high level of aesthetic finish is required.

Interpon A2000 Interior Trim coatings are designed to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements for automotive interior applications.


In a nutshell

  • Standard and super durable systems (UV resistance)
  • High Gloss Black Acrylic for trims (piano black)
  • Exterior quality from 3 units to more than 90 units gloss
  • Super smooth and homogenous surface
  • Various approved OEM colors and qualities
  • Outstanding metallic effects and qualities
  • Approved by all major OEMs