AkzoNobel Powder Coatings opens a new service center

“The service center, located in Tempe, Arizona at 1150 West Geneva Drive, is strategically located to serve our growing customer base with rapid response and local same day deliverythroughout the Southwest” said Gabriel Morales, Area Sales Manager.

The addition of this distribution center will allow customers to take advantage of managed inventories, reduced transit times and provide just-in-time inventories. The distribution expansion will allow AkzoNobel to further market its over 300 item Ready to Ship Generation III (RTS Gen III) Interpon stock product line throughout the Southwest.

With the launch of RTS Gen III approximately a year ago, AkzoNobel redefined the standard for a stock product portfolio. Virtually all powder coating technologies are represented – epoxy, hybrid, urethane polyester, non-emissive urethane, TGIC, HAA polyester (TGIC Free), GMA acrylic and high temperature silicone thermoset products, fluid bed, spray grade and self-adhering Polyamide Nylon Type 11 thermoplastics, powder primers for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates including high performance zinc epoxy primer.

Also included are proprietary products such as low energy cure TGIC polyesters, GALAXY Lava Reflex Black grip texture, and unique and novel finishes such as the ever popular Wrinkle finish in both Epoxy and Polyester. Within the range are proven robust specification driven technologies which meet and/or exceed the performance requirements for the end-use Automotive and Agricultural and Construction Equipment markets. RTS Gen III also offers an expanded offering of RAL, trend and design colors, High Durable TGIC and TGIC free products, bonded and Mono-Coat metallic finishes.