Interpon HT

Interpon HT – high temperature resistant powders

Powder coatings are pretty tough and can be used for many different applications.  With coatings for items such as BBQ’s, fireplace inserts and mufflers, things really start to heat up.  Our Interpon HT powder coatings are competitive with many established liquid coatings for even the most demanding applications where heat resistance is required.

Interpon HT is a range of powder coatings developed for applications that require heat resistance properties ranging from 200ºC (392ºF) to the extreme high heat temperatures of 550ºC (1022ºF).

The use of thermally stable silicone polymers allows these powder coatings to achieve their high-temperature performance.  Products containing more silicone will perform better at higher temperatures, since the other organic polymers can degrade at elevated temperature, with only the silicone remaining: clearly the more silicone present the more coating will survive intact on exposure to heat.

 The Interpon HT Range

Range Chemistry Max Peak T°C Max Service T°C
Interpon HT 350 Epoxy / Acrylic / Silicone 350°C < 300°C
Interpon HT 450 Acrylic / Silicone 450°C 400°C
Interpon HT 550 100% silicone 550°C 500°C

 What about different colors or special effects?

Interpon HT is available in a range of colors and effects. Check out the table the below or speak to one of our experts for more detailed options:

Range Colors Aspect Gloss
Interpon HT 350 Colors possible including White, Metallics Smooth, Fine Texture Gloss, Satin, Matt (fine texture)
Interpon HT 450 Greys, Blacks, Metallics (Chrome, Aluminium, Sparkle…) Fine Texture Matt (fine texture)
Interpon HT 550 Dark Greys, Blacks, Metallics (Sparkle) Fine Texture Matt (fine texture)

Where can I use it?

Interpon HT powders can be used on steel, cast iron, aluminum, cast aluminum and aluminized steel.

Interpon HT is recommended for products with metallic parts submitted to a prolonged heat from 200ºC (392ºF) to 500ºC (932ºF) such as:

  • Hearth products, wood and pellet burning stoves, fireplace inserts
  • Exhaust systems (i.e. stove exhaust pipes)
  • Barbecues
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Mufflers for generators, motorcycles and tractors

What other benefits do high temperature resistance coatings offer?

  • Gloss and color stability – no fading of gloss / color after heat exposure
  • Excellent resistance to delamination
  • Excellent resistance to cracking
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Higher scratch resistance (vs. liquid)
  • Single coat application

Of course Interpon HT powder coatings also come with all the sustainability benefits associated with this technology such as no solvents or VOC emissions.

Substrate Pre-treatment

Like most coatings, the correct substrate pretreatment is critical to the performance of high service temperature products, especially adhesion.  Clearly the pre treatment you use depends on the substrate that you’re applying it to – grit blast may be adequate for some applications.  But whatever you’re applying the powder to, the  substrate must be free of oil, grease, scale, rust and dirt.  It goes without saying that we highly recommend you perform testing to determine if the pre treatment and coatings process meet your application requirements.

What about application and curing?

Interpon HT powders can be applied using normal electrostatic equipment at 45 – 65 µm.  For non metallic powders, recycling of up to 20% is possible.  The curing schedule is as follows (object temperature):

            >20 minutes 210°C

            >15 minutes 220°C

            >10 minutes 230°C (only for Interpon HT 550)

 Interpon HT powders can be stored for 6 months at < 27°C