An unfortunate symptom of modern society is that many items placed in an urban environment are often mistreated. This includes:

  • Graffiti
  • Staining
  • Attack by cleansers and other chemicals
  • Aggressive atmospheres

City councils, train companies and building owners want a coating that remains presentable for long periods.  These paints need a high chemical resistance and must be easy to clean and maintain throughout the items lifecycle.  So, we have developed the Interpon EC product range.

Interpon EC is a series of polyurethane based powder coatings designed for the exterior environment. The coating is designed to have an extremely hard surface which is resistant to stains and chemical attack. 

It can be applied as a single coat or as a clear topcoat over other coating systems.

The coating has exceptionally high gloss and flow making it ideal for applications where a high level of aesthetic finish is required. It can be manufactured in smooth gloss or light satin finishes in almost any colour. We also do a gloss textured finish – but remember, structured finishes make cleaning more difficult and the thus reduce the coating’s properties in terms of stain resistance.

Technical Characteristics

Interpon EC products are evaluated against a range of Industry standards (ASTM D6578) and customer standard specifications.

Further information and advice is available from your local AkzoNobel powder coatings organization.

Interpon EC Technical Datasheet