Why is Every Color Green?

As concerns over global warming and the sustainability of our planet grow, an environmentally friendly coating offer has never been more important.

Global warming, finite resources, environmental damage; these are the harsh facts of 21st century life. Our customers, like most companies, are keen to reduce their environmental impact, often in response to a government directive. If a company has a serious objective to improve their sustainability, we need to make them aware that powder coatings can contribute to this.

Within the powder coatings industry, we have led the way in eliminating substances of concern. We do not manufacture powder coatings containing toxic lead pigments. We are the world leader in TGIC-free technology.

So what’s so green?

Quite simply:

  • There are no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in Interpon and Resicoat Powder Coatings.
  • There are no toxic heavy metals such as lead or chromium (VI) in Interpon Powder Coatings.
  • There is almost no waste when using Interpon Powder Coatings as any overspray can be reclaimed and recycled or reprocessed.
  • Interpon Powder Coatings offer durable protection, reducing the need for replacement products or coatings.
  • Many of our powders have a lower ecological footprint than competing products.

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